About Us

Review Genie is a team of online reputation management expert with over 10 years experience in internet marketing. We help local businesses worldwide improve their online reputation and reviews.

Many consumers leave bad reviews without thinking about the ramifications to your business, regardless of how hard you try to please them. Even when you have provided the best possible service, customers are unlikely to leave a review. It’s only when something negative happens, that consumers are likely to leave a negative review.

Why Choose Us

  • Immediate Results
  • Fast, Easy and Affordable
  • Reviews from Level 4+ Google Local Guides
  • Recurring Monthly Reviews, if required
  • City-Specific Local Reviews

At Review Genie, we always promote legitimately creating a review program or policy in your business. We know this can take some time. That’s why we provide a top notch review service.

An immediate increase in your star rating

A short or long term solution for receiving reviews

Reviews from Level 4+ Google Local Guides

City-Specific Local Reviews

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